KDE Direct News Releases

2206XF-2050 and 1806XF-2350 UAS Brushless Motors

It's been a long time coming, but the new KDE Direct 2206XF-2050 and KDE Direct 1806XF-2350 FPV Performance Racing Brushless Motors are now here! All pre-orders have shipped worldwide, and now full-production stock is available and shipping daily. The new series uses only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes to push the limits of flight performance and maintenance-free durability to new heights - never before seen in FPV racing and competition-level flight. The new motors ship with all the necessary hardware for a simple, bolt-in installation to your system and within minutes, you can be up flying and enjoying the...

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XF UAS 20A+ LV Electronic Speed Controller

The new KDE Direct XF UAS LV Multi-Rotor ESC, 20A+ is now available, providing the perfect matched power-system to the FPV Performance Racing Motors. Compatible with 2S to 6S LiPo (8.4V to 25.2V) operation and using the same optimized and proprietary algorithms as the larger XF ESCs; the new series provides up to 600Hz refresh rate control and extremely-fast response to the flight system commands. Dynamic PWM and Motor Advance Timing algorithms are used for optimal flight-performance - tuned to react near instantaneously to the flight commands and XF Brushless Motor response capability. Check out the last few minutes of...

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