KDE Direct Press Releases

KDE Direct Motors and ESCs used to Shoot Latest xXx Movie

When the movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage filmed in Toronto last summer, drones were used by DroneBoy to shoot the local drone shots, including the car chases, stunt performance sequences and special effects. The thrilling film employed KDE Direct motors and ESCs on DroneBoy’s heavy lift drone with a Red Dragon sensor to fly through the mayhem and capture the dynamic and spectacular action scenes.

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KDE Direct Commercial brushless motors used in Fast and Furious Fast 8 filming

KDE Direct industrial brushless motors and components were onboard an Aerobo X8 heavy lift drone used in the filming of Fast and Furious, Fast 8, 
due to hit theaters on April 14, 2017. KDE Direct continues to lead the market in technology, utilizing the highest grade components which create longer flight times and more durable systems. 

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UPS and CyPhy Works Team Up For Delivery with KDE Direct Components

UPS and CyPhy droneKDE Direct is pleased to announce our components were on board a recent delivery test flight by UPS and CyPhy Works. UPS teamed with CyPhy works to deliver emergency medical supplies. UPS hopes to prove these types of deliveries can be performed safely.

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KDE Direct Component Manufacturer of Choice on Flirtey with Domino's in New Zealand

Domino’s Pizza has recently completed a delivery of pizza by drone in Auckland, New Zealand following a partnership with independent drone delivery startup, Flirtey, headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Flirtey's delivery drones are designed and developed to keep contents safe, fresh and hot. KDE Direct is pleased to have its industrial drone components onboard Flirtey's drones in support of the vehicle's safety and performance. 

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KDE Direct UAV Components on Innovative FLARES System

FLARES ScanEagleKDE Direct, LLC is a company driven by innovation and quality products. Through developing new and innovative products, maintaining the highest quality, and supplying the consumer with direct-to-market prices, our goal is to deliver the customer the greatest designs on the market. The KDE Direct team is pleased to have commercial components onboard the takeoff and landing system, FLARES, for ScanEagle.

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