Choosing the Best ESC for Your Multicopter

Many companies may boast that they make the best ESC in the industry, but we all know there are so many factors that come into play. What’s truly important is helping customers find the best drone ESC for their needs.

First, it’s important to understand what a drone ESC does and how it works. After understanding the how and why, it will be easier to determine what the best ESC is for your multicopter.

What is a Drone ESC?

An ESC, or Electronic Speed Controller, translates commands into precise instructions that are sent to the motors to control movement. ESCs are connected to the battery, into the receiver’s throttle channel and into the drone motor. Each motor has a separate drone ESC, which means if you have eight motors, you will have eight ESCs. 

  • Determines how fast motors spin
  • Computes how much power,or voltage, to supply to each motor
  • Determines the speed and direction of the motor to control speed

It’s important to choose the right drone ESCs for your multicopters, as they can be overloaded, overheated and lead to crashes when the maximum current can’t handle the demands placed on them.

Choosing the Best Drone ESC

There are various factors to consider when searching for the best ESC for your multicopter. We consider these to be the most important.

Size - The size of the ESC depends on your multicopter setup. Size refers to amperage supplied to your motors, not physical size. Drone ESCs typically range in size. ESCs available from KDE Direct range from 35A to 95A. Size also takes into consideration the motors and propellers you’re going to use. In order to make the right decision on size, try KDE’s Build Your System calculator to determine thrust and size requirements.

Firmware - Firmware installed in drone ESCs makes sense of the signals it receives from the flight controller. Depending on the ESC you buy, firmware can vary. For example, at KDE Direct the latest production firmware includes regenerative braking during the motor deceleration phase, increased drive and throttle frequency resolution, as well as temperature controlled synchronous rectification. When it comes to choosing the best drone ESC, firmware can make a big difference in performance and efficiency depending on your needs.

How do you choose the best ESC for your multicopter? After determining size and firmware specifications, dig into the performance and efficiency standards. Not all drone ESCs were created equal. Finding the best ESC for your multicopter may be different than the best for your colleagues. Contact KDE Direct for more information.

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