New Version of the KDE Direct Device Manager V1.25 Available Now

The KDE Direct Development Team is pleased to release the latest version the KDE Direct Device Manager V1.25 software, with a whole host of new technologies and motor-control optimizations for UAS applications. In conjunction with the KDEXF-DMA Programming Kit, the new software provides the ability for a life-time of free firmware updates and programming capabilities to the KDE Direct UAS ESCs, including new features such as:

  • PRECISION motor drive frequency mode (30 kHz – 32 kHz), providing the smoothest and quietest motor operation for critical aerial-cinematography requirements.
  • MOTOR EDITION modes for direct-optimization to the full-range of KDE Direct UAS Heavy-Lift application motors (KDE6213XF-185 and larger).
  • ACCELERATE RATE adjustment for specific tuning of flight-characteristics to the desired application – an industry first to allow direct-control of the internal ESC motor-drive algorithm.
    • MEDIUM optimizes the maximum acceleration/deceleration control profiles for smooth reaction-rates and safety in industrial-heavy lift applications (dynamic reduction up to 20%).
    • MEDIUM-HIGH optimizes the maximum acceleration/deceleration control profiles for balanced operation in commercial aerial-cinematography applications.
    • HIGH optimizes the maximum acceleration/deceleration control profiles for increased stability in adverse weather conditions and long-endurance flight.
    • ULTRA-HIGH maximizes the acceleration/deceleration control profiles for high-speed applications, where fast-reaction rates and tight-control to the flight-controller commands is required.

Full description of the market-leading features and programming capability of the ESCs can be found in the Instruction Manual posted online.

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