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multirotor uav components

(Photo: Reference Technologies) Whether building a multirotor UAV for hobby, racing or professional commercial use, there are several components that go into building your own drone. While the thrust and size of the drone motor may be different depending on your application and industry, most multicopters incorporate the same types of components. Multirotor motors, drone ESCs and propellers are the key components used when building your own multicopter.

Multirotor UAV Components

Multirotor Motor

Many variables go into choosing the right multirotor motor for your UAV. Determining size and thrust take into consideration many factors as well. Choosing your multirotor motor will affect flight time, performance and efficiency. It’s essential to do the right research in order to determine the right size of multirotor motor for your UAV system. 

Drone ESC

The drone ESC is one of the most important components you select when building your own multirotor UAV. You need one drone ESC for every motor, which means if you’re building a quadcopter you’ll need four motors and four ESCs. The drone ESC translates digital commands and interprets them by increasing or decreasing the voltage to each multirotor motor. 

Drone Propeller 

Choosing the right drone propeller has many variables, as well. Length and pitch of a drone propeller help determine how fast they rotate, or the distance travelled with one single rotation. When you choose the right drone propeller for your system it will have any effect on speed and power.

Finding the right combination of key components, including the multirotor motor, drone ESC and drone propeller, will help you build your own multirotor UAV. From quadcopters to hexacopters and beyond, choosing the right components will act as the brains and brawn of your system. Building or selecting a strong frame to mount your components is also one of the most important steps in building your own multirotor UAV.

Need help selecting the best components for your multirotor UAV? Try KDE Direct’s Build Your System calculator for multirotor motor, drone ESC and drone propeller recommendations.

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