Why Brushless Motors Matter for Drone Virtual Reality Video

drone virtual reality video

(Photo: Scott Spooner, Aeronavics) The next big thing in drone technology has arrived. Drone virtual reality video creates stunning moving images that make you feel like you’re part of the experience. In May 2015, Patrón tequila launched "Art of Patrón Virtual Reality Experience," which gives viewers an insider's view of how tequila is made at their distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Filmed from the perspective of a bee, the company’s icon, the virtual reality experience takes viewers on a trip that they would never be able to experience otherwise.

Drone virtual reality video is filmed using cameras designed to shoot high quality, 360 degree video that can be stitched together to create the virtual reality experience. Drones provide a new perspective in virtual reality, allowing the person to feel as though they are floating above the scene, rather than just standing in it. 

Brushless Motors for Drone Virtual Reality Video

With an increase in interest in drone virtual reality video, brushless motors matter. Of course, while the camera itself is essential to the drone virtual reality video experience, there wouldn’t be video to stitch together without the drone itself. In order to gain the maximum performance and flight time from your drone, choosing the right brushless motors are key.

In order to capture stunning 360 video, stability and performance rank high on a filmmaker’s list of priorities. Brushless motors designed specifically for heavy lift applications give operators many advantages when it comes to shooting drone virtual reality video, including:

  • Flight time required to shoot enough 360 degree video in the air at one time
  • Stability necessary for smooth video
  • Ability to carry the camera and attachment needed for providing an immersive effect
  • Safety, considering the extra equipment carried
  • Extreme climate stability

When it comes to shooting drone virtual reality video, long-duration flight performance is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing brushless motors. Brushless motors must be powerful enough to keep your drone in the air long enough to capture plenty of video that can be stitched together for use in virtual reality experiences.

When choosing brushless motors to be used on drones filming virtual reality video, dependability, stability and flight time all contribute to the incredible experience. KDE Direct designs and manufactures heavy lift brushless motors for drones, which can be used when filming virtual reality video. Contact KDE for more information about brushless motors for heavy lift operations and increased stability.

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