UPS and CyPhy Works Team Up For Delivery with KDE Direct Components

cyphy works and UPS drone test flight

KDE Direct is pleased to announce our components were on board a recent delivery test flight by UPS and CyPhy Works. UPS teamed with CyPhy works to deliver emergency medical supplies. UPS hopes to prove these types of deliveries can be performed safely.

For the test, UPS created a fictional medical emergency at the Children's Island summer camp off the coast of Massachusetts in order to test and gather data. UPS teamed with drone maker CyPhy works. UPS hopes to persuade the FAA to allow them to offer potentially life-saving delivery service in the future. 

KDE Direct components, including motors and propellers, were used on the drone that made the test flight. At KDE Direct, we're honored to be part of a potentially life-saving mission. Read more about the test flight at Reuters

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