Brushless Motors for Dental Drills Reduce Noise and Stress for Dentists and Patients

KDE Brushless Motors for Dental Drills

You know the noise we’re talking about. The unmistakable, high-pitched whir that signifies that a dentist’s drill is being used. And since you usually only hear that noise when you’re in the waiting room or the dentist’s chair, that sound is typically one that creates stress and anxiety for patients. No one likes getting their teeth drilled, and that’s exactly what the sound of the dental drill represents. But what’s the alternative?

Reducing the “Whirring” Noise

The whir of a traditional dental drill has been unavoidable for years. However, recent developments in brushless motors have enabled us to significantly reduce the sounds, and therefore the stress, associated with the dentist’s office. The recent development of micro brushless motors offers ultra-quiet and smooth operating motors for dental applications, resulting in a calmer and more comfortable work environment.

While brushless motors for dental applications may be incredibly small, they still pack a serious punch. At roughly the size of your fingernail, these motors are compact while still being powerful enough to get their job done effectively. High-performance brushless motors eliminate the need to change brushes frequently, which makes brushless motors last longer while enabling them to stay small and compact.

Brushless motors promise a quieter experience for dentists and dental hygienists in addition to patients, resulting in both higher patient satisfaction and a more pleasant work environment for professionals in the dental field.

Brushless Motors Result in Ergonomic Drills

In a dental office, time is money, and efficiency is crucial. Dental drills powered by brushless motors can help dentists and dental hygienists meet their potential for excellent patient care and efficient practice management.

Ergonomic and sleek, motors specific to dental applications must be small enough to fit inside a drill while still being balanced. The short length and light weight of brushless motors for dental applications help dentists perform detailed work with ease. Greater control from brushless motors results in more precise margin finishing. Brushless dental motors are easier to run at lower speeds to finesse a margin, which can be challenging with traditional drills that utilize air turbines. These motors also have higher efficiency and performance with a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear than traditional motors.

KDE Direct Brushless Motors for Dental Applications

Brushless motors for dental drills can help with a number of dental applications from fillings to prophylaxis.

At KDE Direct, we place a heavy emphasis on reliability and safety for any medical or dental application, which is why our motors have long lives and are fully sterilizable. The improved balance and bearings of our motors allow vibration-free operation with a sealed and sleek design.

KDE Direct’s brushless motors are designed and engineered in the United States. Our components provide power, performance, and efficiency for a wide range of dental applications. KDE Direct dental motors are engineered for remarkable efficiency and power that push the limits of today’s technology. Our motors are designed to provide market-leading performance and zero-vibration operation for hours of maintenance-free usage and market-leading performance.

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