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Why Fly KDE Direct for Custom Products

KDE Direct is a worldwide industry leader in component manufacturing and design for UAS, multi-rotor, and single-rotor systems. Our components are utilized in a wide array of applications, from drone deliveries to environmental efforts to shooting blockbuster movies.

If you need modifications to our standard product lineup and off-the-shelf items or custom designed components specific to your requirements, KDE Direct has the experience and proficiency to achieve your goals.

Weatherproof Motors

A high IP rating and aerodynamic design ensure that your motors and fully enclosed components are protected against dust and rain, which is crucial if you’re looking to fly your drone in the rain, around construction sites, or in any situation where weather conditions might change quickly.

An IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) is a laboratory-certified and internationally recognized rating to a piece of electronic equipment or an enclosure for electrical equipment. It is used to explain the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of debris and water and any accidental contact (including body parts like fingers or hands) to critical components.

For instance, our KDE-UAS125UVC, which has been optimized for multi-rotor and single-rotor applications, achieved an IP66 rating, which ensures all-weather and dust-proof operation while also providing full protection against contact with external debris, projected water, such as torrential rain, and snow conditions. Our KDEXF-UASHVC ESCs, which are commonly found in global operation, earned a rating of IP56 for cool-running temperatures and all-weather operation, which allows these ESCs to be used in harsh environments and a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Fly Safe, Fly Free

KDE Direct uses high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to provide users with multi-rotor and single-rotor motors, electronics, propellers blades, and upgrades to ensure drones take off and land safely.

From pocket quadcopters for public safety to UAVs built to scan the ocean floor, KDE Direct can design brushless motors, electronics, and propeller blades specific to your application and needs. KDE Direct has designed large motors for heavy lift (such as the KDE8218XF-120), all the way down to miniature motors like the KDE1303XF nearly the size of your fingernail.

Build Your System

Unsure where to start? The KDE Direct Build Your System application is a utility designed to help determine the thrust requirements of a multirotor vehicle (UAS) by taking into account the weight, number of motors and arrangement, power input voltage, and propeller selection of your vehicle.

All of our calculations use data taken from rigorous in-house dynamometer performance testing. First input the total weight (AUW) of the UAS application, then use the pull-down menus to select other vehicle parameters as needed. A calculated list of compatible KDE Direct Power Systems optimal for your specified criteria will be presented.

It is also important to consider the operating parameters of your flight controller as well as flying style, altitude, weather and battery condition as variables that can impact your in-flight performance results.  

Contact KDE Direct ( for sales and design inquiries and for more information about custom product capabilities.


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