KDE Direct Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

corporate social responsibility

At KDE Direct, we provide our market partners solutions to help them produce products that are more efficient, more sustainable and longer lasting. We collaborate on innovative, custom projects in spaces that are shaping and evolving the future. Our efforts to create more sustainable products align with our pledge to include corporate social responsibility (CSR) into our business operations.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Defining corporate social responsibility can be difficult, as it means something different to every company. The spirit of CSR embodies self-regulation within a business model to promote actions that provide social good, beyond the interests of the company. CSR typically involves initiatives that benefit society; from implementing sustainable business operations to ethical labor practices.

CSR and Sustainability 

KDE Direct’s CSR practices are focused on sustainability and environmental impact. We strive to manufacture products that are more efficient, more sustainable and longer lasting in order to decrease waste and reduce our footprint on our global community. By manufacturing high-quality products designed and engineered in the U.S., we’re taking steps that are good for society and for our customers. As part of these practices, KDE Direct is continually implementing new certifications and initiatives in both R&D and our manufacturing facilities. 

ISO Certification for Production 

As part of KDE Direct’s CSR practices, our industry-compliant production facilities incorporate high-quality machining, sustainability and waste reduction.

To ensure the highest quality throughout the manufacturing and inspection processes, and to ensure our organization meets regulatory requirements, KDE Direct has implemented ISO 9001 certification in production facilities. ISO 9001-certified manufacturing has been a requirement in Aerospace industries for many years, and we’re bringing this level of commitment to the UAS industry. We view this as an important asset, due to the safety requirements of aerial flight and dependability of our systems.

In addition to ISO 9001, KDE Direct products are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), CE (European Conformity) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) compliant for commercial and industrial applications.

KDE Direct products have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of all applicable directives. As a corporate value and to continue leading the market in high-performance and dependability now and into the future, our production facilities are continually expanding to meet additional compliances. 

Creating Sustainable Products

In addition to manufacturing, sustainability involves product design. Durable, efficient and long-lasting products eliminate waste due to time between replacements. At KDE Direct, we pride ourselves on sustainable engineering. This allows us to create the most efficient components in the UAV industry.


In our stock off-the-shelf products, as well as our custom designs, we implement redundancy in order to increase the reliability of our systems. Redundancy in engineering refers to the duplication of critical functions within the system to increase reliability and efficiency. Redundancy often takes the form of a backup or failsafe and can be provided via mechanical, electrical, and/or software methods. Due to the safety regulations associated with putting a UAS in the air, the concept of redundancy is vital in producing reliable systems. Currently, the European Union enforces redundancy requirements, which KDE Direct continually meets and strives to exceed with each product launch.

All KDE Direct motors operate with triple-supported, ABEC-7 rated Japanese NMB and/or NSK bearings for smooth operation and industry-leading life. The use of angular-contact bearings, such as those used in the flagship KDE8218XF-120 design, brought new innovation to the market never seen before in the industry. This design redundancy provides a safeguard for UAVs during operation, making them more powerful, more efficient and longer lasting than other brushless motors in the industry. 

KDE Direct recently completed custom coaxial motors for Shotover Camera System’s SHOTOVER U1. The SHOTOVER U1 features redundant flight control and battery systems, as well as unparalleled stability. A unique element of the coaxial motors for the U1 are found in its redundancy elements. These custom coaxial motors and the SHOTOVER U1 push the boundaries of redundancy and sustainability, to create a new industry standard in professional-grade UAS offerings.

KDE Direct’s Commitment to CSR and Sustainability

At KDE Direct, we’re committed to providing our market partners sustainable solutions that meet the needs of their communities. Through innovation and collaboration, we’re focused on the design and manufacture of more sustainable, more efficient, and longer lasting components that will help shape the future. Our corporate social responsibility pledge and business operations reflect our core values and our passion for design and manufacturing.

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