KDE Direct Comes Out On Top in Head-to-Head Motor Comparison

Joe Papa of Drone Life, a website that reviews components for the drone industry, recently completed a head-to-head comparison of three of the most popular brushless motors on the market. Papa pitted KDE Direct motors against T-Motor and DJI. We're excited to announce that Papa and Drone Life have named KDE Direct the Best Propulsion System for 2017! Watch and share the four-part video series below to find out Drone Life's reasons for naming KDE Direct the Best Propulsion System for 2017.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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  • Being an enthusiast and coming from a very extensive electronic background, I am very pleased to see such an incredible video with such unbiased information that shows the differences with these brushless motors seeing safety in my book is number one. I hope that others can appreciate what Papa has contributed to the drone industry, and continue to fly on. Its not easy to take highly complex data or info and break it down to easily understood instructions for non technical participants, but Papa nailed it on the head. Great job & I cant wait for the next series of videos coming down the road.
    Paul A. DiBattista

    Paul DiBattista on

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