KDE Direct ESC Features by Series

With all the different ESC equipment, determining which ESC to use is vital to ensuring proper setup and safety. Each motor we sell online lists a recommended ESC. When selecting an ESC, first make sure it is rated to handle the voltage you plan to run. For example, if you are using a 10S or 12S battery then you will need to use an HVC series or UVC series ESC. After you have determined the required voltage rating, then you will need to make sure the ESC can handle sufficient amperage to handle the load you plan to run. The ESCs are rated to run with 5mph airflow or greater to maintain maximum power ratings, so consider using a higher rated ESC if there is minimal airflow. The different ESC features are listed below:

KDE UAS Series ESC (2S to 8S systems)
- Anti-spark circuitry
- Bidirectional Opto-Isolation
- Synchronous Rectification
- Regenerative Braking
- Adjustable Drive Frequency Resolution
- Dynamic Timing and Start Power
- Synchronized Motor Commutation
- Stall Protection
- Temperature Protection
- Over Voltage Protection

KDE HVC Series ESC (3S to 12S systems)
- All UAS Series Features
- Thermal 6061 Aluminum Casing
- Overload Protection

KDE UVC Series ESC (4S to 14S systems)
- All HVC Series Features
- KDECAN bus with Live Telemetry
- Data Logging
- Micro/Mini USB port
- Under Voltage Protection

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