Protection Logging Added to HVC series and XF series ESCs

ESC protections are intended to help prevent harmful events from damaging the equipment. With the latest firmware updates (A460125 and B460253) the ESCs will now log when a protection occurs. Using the KDE Direct Device Manager V1.38.0 and above, you can view whether a protection has been activated or not. The protections window can be accessed from the PC software via the menu (Options -> Protections). The latest firmware and software updates can be found on the downloads page. ESCs using the new firmware will now log if stall protection, over temperature, low voltage cutoff, over voltage protection, or overload protection occurs. Protections remain logged until reset by the user or the settings are defaulted.

Stall Protection activates when the ESC detects the motor is blocked and stops the motor. Once the motor stops, the throttle must be lowered back to the arming throttle before the motor will start spinning again.

Over Temperature Protection activates when the ESC reads a temperature above 95ºCel. Once activated, the ESC will limit the maximum output power until the ESC is reconnected to power.

Low Voltage Cutoff is designed to prevent damaging LiPo batteries. When voltage cutoff occurs, the ESC will reduce the maximum throttle output once the selected volts per cell is reached. Note the standard arming tone emits the battery cell count.

Over Voltage Protection disables arming if the ESC detects a DC voltage above its maximum rating.

Overload Protection will activate when the ESC reads a current above 150% or 175% of its continuous current rating for more than three seconds. The ESC will gradually reduce power output until the current is below the limit. Full power output is resumed if the current has been below the limit for more than two seconds.

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