KDE Direct Brushless Motors Break Ground in New Industries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 29, 2017 – KDE Direct, known across the globe for their brushless motors and components in the UAV and single-rotor market, is growing into a number of new industries in 2017. Propelled by the success of its brushless motors and power systems, KDE Direct has expanded to supply to industries such as aerospace and medical, securing partnerships in a number of groundbreaking industries and applications, including dental, marine, medical, aerospace and military, manufacturing and industrial, transportation, and robotics.

KDE Direct first entered the fixed and rotor wing industry over a decade ago when Patrick Koegler, a Biomechanical Engineer and R/C enthusiast, saw major flaws in the design and manufacturing of brushless motors and wanted to improve upon their quality and performance capabilities. What started as a small business launched a global brand that leads the world in single and multi-rotor components.

From the beginning, KDE Direct’s mission has been to develop the latest technology using the best manufacturing practices in combination with world-class customer support. Upon achieving worldwide recognition for the company’s cutting-edge technology and positive customer feedback, KDE Direct is furthering technology well beyond aircrafts.

KDE Direct’s brushless motors are crafted to provide powerful performance, high torque, and long life, offering high speeds and maintenance-free operation in environments where sparking is dangerous or could negatively affect electronically sensitive equipment.

KDE Direct offers waterproof brushless motors for underwater mapping and boats, whisper-silent motors for dental drills and PAP respirators for sleep apnea treatment, high power motors for oscillating medical saws and rovers, and long-lasting life for prosthetic limbs and service robots. These motors are designed to provide market-leading performance and zero-vibration operation for hours of maintenance-free usage. KDE Direct has implemented ISO 9001 certification for all production facilities. All of their products are RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances), CE (European Conformity), and WEEE (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) compliant for commercial and industrial applications.

About KDE Direct | KDE Direct, LLC is a company driven by innovation and quality products. As a market leader in component design and production of brushless motors, KDE Direct remains the leading choice for businesses who depend upon industrial quality and performance. KDE Direct's heavy lift brushless motors, specialized electronic speed controller (ESC) systems, and software have set the standard in the brushless motor industry.

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