Introducing Build Your System by KDE Direct for UAVs

build your system

(Photo: UAV America) KDE Direct just made it easier to build your multicopter system. We’ve revamped and reinvigorated our Power Thrust Calculator. It’s back, better than ever and now called the Build Your System by KDE Direct.

Don’t know what size motor you need? Or which propellers will keep you flying high? Use the new Build Your System by KDE Direct for UAVs to determine what components you’ll need to build the best multicopter for your specific needs.

Build Your System for UAVs

Build Your System by KDE Direct was designed to aid customers in determining the thrust requirements of their multicopter UAVs. The calculator takes into account:

  • Weight
  • Number of Motors
  • Arrangement of Motors
  • Power-input Voltage
  • Propeller Selection

Calculations in Build Your System use data taken from rigorous in-house dynamometer performance testing. While we have done extensive testing, KDE cannot make guarantees as to the accuracy of the generated recommendations, nor any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Provided data corresponds to KDE Direct matched power systems, including motors, ESCs and propellers.

In the latest upgrade of Build Your System, we’ve added recommended propellers. Now, enter in your thrust requirements and receive recommendations for drone propellers. In assisting you in choosing the right components for your UAV system, we thought it was important to add propellers into the mix. This new addition will help our customers determine the components for their complete UAV system.

Remember, flying style, altitude, weather and battery condition are a few of the many influential variables that greatly impact in-flight performance results.

Try the new Build Your System by KDE Direct to receive power system recommendations for your next multicopter UAV system. Contact KDE Direct for more information about the recommendations provided or if you have any questions.


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