Choosing Brushless Motors for Multicopters


(Photo: Shotover) With new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drone regulations in place, there’s an ever growing interest in building and maintaining multicopters for a variety of uses, both industrial, commercial and personal. Among the many factors to consider when building a multicopter is choosing the right brushless motors for drones. Choosing the right brushless motors for drones can make a large impact in performance and flight time, which are essential no matter the application.

Why Brushless Motors for Drones?

Opposed to brushed motors, which are simple and have been around for centuries, brushless motors feature stationary wires and a spinning magnet. Brushed motors have stationary magnets and spinning wires. One of the greatest advantages to brushless motors for drones is the lack of friction created as the motors operate. With friction comes heat, degradation and frequent maintenance.

Brushless motors for drones have become the industry standard because they lead to better flight performance and durability, as well as lower maintenance concerns than brushed motors.

Advantages to Choosing Brushless Motors for Drones

With the right combination of brushless motors for drones and Electronic Speed Control, users can experience an increase in performance over brushed motors.

  • Longer Lasting
  • Higher Performance
  • More Efficient Systems
  • Longer Flight Time
  • Electronic Communication
  • Less Maintenance
  • High Output to Power Ratio
  • Higher Speed Range
  • Reduced Size Compared to Brushed Motors

Because of their high output to power ratio, brushless motors are often used on drones for heavy lift operations. From lifting Hollywood-quality video cameras to carrying payload deliveries from ship-to-shore, the heavy lift applications drones have become used for require high performance and output. Brushless motors have many advantages for heavy lift applications.

Whether building or upgrading, take advantages of the benefits of brushless motors for drones. KDE Direct offers brushless motors for drones in a variety of sizes and strengths. Use the KDE Build Your System calculator to determine the best brushless motors for your system. 

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