Should You Use Professional Drones?

Professional drones

(Photo: Birdseye Productions)

Professional drones have many advantages that standard hobby drones don’t quite fulfill. Even though many hobby drones can be customized with UAV kits, including multirotor motors, propellers and electronics, professional drones have an edge in commercial and industrial applications.

Advantages of Professional Drones

Buying or building your own professional drone has many benefits, which far outweigh those of a standard hobby aircraft, including: 

  • Fully customizable for your specific application
  • Higher payload capacity
  • Can be customized to accommodate the weight of professional cameras and equipment
  • Used in many commercial and industrial applications
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Upgrading professional drones with high-end components improves flight time and efficiency


Should you consider using professional drones? Often it depends on your application.

  • Agriculture - Drones in agriculture have many benefits. Professional drones should be utilized when weight and flight efficiency are most important. Drones carrying fertilizer sprayers should be professional grade to protect crops and withstand the weight of the tanks.
  • Aerial Photography and Cinematography - While the levels of skill vary in aerial photography and cinematography, there are many cases where professional drones best serve the photographer. Heavy duty, professional drones should be used by commercial filmmakers and photographers. From major motion pictures to TV commercials, professional drones can help you capture the perfect shot.
  • Search and Rescue - Professional drones can withstand the harshest, most extreme climates, which makes them ideal for use in search and rescue situations. When someone is missing on a snowy mountain, professional drones go where humans can’t and can help locate missing persons from the sky.
  • Inspections - Professional drones can be used for many different inspections, including wind turbines, solar farms, pipelines and power lines. Using a UAV to monitor and inspect these types of operations saves time, money and labor through an efficient process.
  • Payload Delivery - With monumental FAA-approved professional drone flights by Flirtey, a US-based drone startup, package delivery becomes more and more of a reality for professional drones. From humanitarian relief to commercial package delivery, professional drones have a bright future in cargo delivery.

There are many commercial and industrial applications fitting of professional drone use. Building drones with KDE Direct components means you’re interested in increasing flight time and efficiency. Contact KDE Direct for more information about using our commercial components to build professional drones for your specific application.

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